Sutton en Blues is an annual series that takes place on the Saturdays of October and November. It showcases but the best Canadian Bluesmen and Blueswomen, most of them Award winners. Now in its 20th season, the series is now hosted by Mont Sutton, which led to more than doubling its seating capacity. 

Year after year, Kazou Productions attends festivals and other Blues events to bring the best programming possible to Mont Sutton, with a special attention to the different Blues genres and tonalities for the greater pleasures of the fans. See here for this year's lineup or for your reservations. View photos of artists from past years. Here's how to reach us and finally a link to our major sponsors who greatly help to make the series possible. Here's to seeing you and May the Gods of Blues Be With You!

NB: To make your visit more fun, don't forget to turn on the Music Player and clicking on the photos of the artists will lead you to their web site.